January 12, 2006

Digg This!

Well, I submitted my second story to Digg.com yesterday.  As with all posts on Digg, you hope that yours makes it to the front page.  Imagine my surprise when I logged onto my personalized Google today and saw my article listed in the RSS feed from Digg.  One click later and I found that I had done it!  As of right now, we're at 580 diggs and growing.  Thanks to all for helping me get Dugg!!


December 13, 2005

Christmas Preparations

Well, I’m off this week and we’re all working hard to finish some of our home improvement projects.  My first order of business is to paint…and I’ve been a painting fool!  Five gallons of paint from Lowe’s and I’ve got two rooms and what seems like a million feet of hallways to paint.  I made great progress on Sunday and Monday, but I’m starting to lose steam.  I’ll take a break this afternoon to do some shopping at my other favorite place these days, The Home Depot.


I’ll be returning the extra packages of DuPont flooring that we had installed last week, as well as a bunch of other supplies that we’ve purchased but decided that we didn’t want.  Then, I’ll go visit Best Buy for some on-sale DVDs that my wife wants.  Next up is a visit to the travel agent to finalize the purchase of my son’s airline tickets home.  He flies on Friday and will be with us for 2+ weeks.  I know that our entire Clan all looking forward to his visit.


December 06, 2005

The Real St. Nick

Today, we celebrate the Feast Day of St Nicholas.  Yes, we put our shoes out last night in hopes that St Nick would leave us presents.  Mostly, these are practical gifts for us and our children; however, we splurged this year.  Our stereo receiver is on the fritz so instead of spending $200+ to repair it, we spent our hard earned cash on a new wireless Home Theater in a Box.  Specifically, we bought a Panasonic SC-HT930.  My old stereo receiver was a Sony, but after my horrible experience with their customer support for my Vaio, I will *NEVER* buy a Sony product again.  However, in honor of St. Nick, I'll offer them a hearty Merry Christmas!

October 30, 2004

Elect, elect, elect

We all need to take the time to vote next week. I care about who wins, so I'll be voting my conscience. Yes, I'm fiscally and morally conservative, so you can guess who got my vote. I'm not entirely happy with the menu, but my choice is a lot better than the alternative. In addition, my family and I will be praying for our leaders--whoever is elected. May God continue to bless our land and our leaders.

July 17, 2004

Hasta La Vista, Amigos

The Nixons:  Mike, Lucy, Larissa and Brittany are leaving today.  We will all miss their counsel and their friendship.  While Lucy and Mike were awesome non-coms and would have made even higher ranks, they've chosen family and location over continuing their military service.  I'm damn proud of 'em!  Buena Suerte, Friends!

July 05, 2004


Today is Day One. Welcome to my discussion journal about my Clans--my family, my church, my work, my friends, my politics, my technology and my leisure. Thanks for joining me here.